Private Family Websites
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Connect with your family within the privacy of your home. Unlike other popular websites where you have to worry about who has access to what, famlinkup gives you a place to communicate with your family with the knowledge that your data is safe and private - no one else can search for or look at your information. And all of this is for free.

No obstusive ads, no clutter, no fuss. Just the stuff you really care about - family.

There are many ways to share:

  • Post memos
  • Upload your own pictures and comment on others
  • Review movies, books, and more
  • Create recipes
  • Track birthdays and anniversaries
  • Post an event on the family calendar
  • Create a poll
  • List addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses
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Questions? You can send an email to support@famlinkup.com for any questions you may have.